Bruce springstien and Neil Young's Guitarist Nils Lofgren

"Hi John. I loved your song and the back story. Good on them for using a song n singer with heart n soul. Best n congrats. Nils n Amy L"

Four times Grammy Award winning Joy Williams from the Civil Wars

"Hi, John! Congrats on the new placement. Your song sounds great with the visuals. Your heart matches the feel of this so well. Exciting! If you're ever in Nashville sometime maybe we could write. All the best as you work on your 7th album"

Frank Hennassay BBC Radio Wales, folk and roots show.

A very talented fellow, great voice and terrific songs. You really get the feeling he means it.

One of Scottish singer-songwriter John Taylor’s songs is my Repeat Rotation Video today. It’s called ‘Pull You Through‘, and it’s been bopping around in my head since I heard it on Californication last week (Season 5, Episode 3). (Yes, I’m binge watching Californication — shoot me, I’m a little bit behind) I have to be honest, I’d never heard any of John Taylor’s songs until just that snippet of ‘Pull You Through’ on Californication but, since then, I’ve listened to the album the track came from — Bring The Stars Alive — and I have to say I’m hooked.That’s because John Taylor not only has a gorgeous voice, it’s that every song on the album is quite simple, yet grabs you emotionally right from the opening lines, check out his entire album Bring The Stars Alive on Deezer. I particularly liked the first track — ‘Slow Lane’.

Michelle Topham

Leo Sigh, magazine


Maverick magazine, four and a half stars out of five.

John Taylor




The toned-down approach works wonders for John

Harking back to a simpler and pleasanter time in music, John Taylor releases here his third studio album and shows an artist which would be more at home in front of an intimate audience rather than in a large arena. Not that this larger crowd wouldn’t enjoy John’s music but for his hushed vocals to be fully appreciated this smaller space would best suit his counterculture approach to performing.

This record consists of ten songs and each one has the ability to relax and soothe the nerves. With a joyous, summer feel to it California understandably makes the face smile as the imagery which John describes us is marvellous and is bound to make many who hear this tune to want to visit the Sunshine State. The record doesn’t just feature John on guitar but some of the songs have a band sound at times. On Tell My Father this is evident on this very tune but is by no means a bad aspect to the talent of this man as he demonstrates that he too can create a suitable sound in this larger grouping.

A full UK tour? Many wouldn’t object to that but if they did they are foolish. Russell Hill